18 Sep 2023

Michael’s Journey at TLC

In the heart of Tender Loving Care Disability Services beats a commitment to transforming the lives of NDIS participants. Leading this charge is our Senior Support Coordinator, Michael Boutros, whose dedication and passion have been a cornerstone of our team for three years.

Michael’s career began within the NDIS, where he developed his skills in creating support systems. However, wanting to make a more impactful change and be a part of a team driven by enthusiasm led him to Tender Loving Care. As he reflects on this pivotal transition, he shares that moving to a provider was challenging but rewarding.

“I wanted to move somewhere where they had the passion and the joy to make a difference and build independence for participants. I really got that here at Tender Loving Care,” Michael shares. “I would never take that back; [I am] very proud to be here.”

TLC’s Unique Approach

Tender Loving Care embraces a holistic approach to support coordination. Michael highlights our comprehensive support, from managing their NDIS plans to breaking down their budgets, linking them to service providers, and ensuring they get the best experiences in reaching their independence.

“Absolutely incredible support,” Michael asserts in three words. “TLC in itself, Tender Loving Care, they reach the whole thing. They move through the whole department.”

Michael’s Inspiring Stories

Michael’s time with Tender Loving Care is full of moving stories from his experiences with participants. He recalls a group of participants that faced crises, and the TLC team promptly provided crucial assistance.

“[The results we got from the participants were just outstanding.] The feedback that we received saying that we’re very on board, and we had everything sorted for the participants,” Michael recounts. This narrative embodies the dedication and passion that pushes the TLC team to impart real, meaningful change in the lives of those we serve.

TLC’s Supportive Ecosystem

What anchors Michael to Tender Loving Care? He points out three vital elements: an unwavering passion for what we do, a familial atmosphere, and the steadfast support of a committed team.

“[When] working in the disability industry, they’re the people you want on your side. They’re the people you want to see with your participants,” Michael stresses. He ends his line by expressing his gratitude for being a part of an organisation that remains faithful to its vision of making a difference.

“It’s all about our passion. We really have a drive here. We’re here to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Michael’s Daily Affirmation

For Michael, working at Tender Loving Care isn’t just an occupation; it’s a source of pride and profound fulfilment.

“This is the first job that I can actually say I wake up in the morning and [feel] proud to come to work,” he shares with a radiant smile.

TLC’s Pledge to the Community

Michael’s unwavering dedication to making a difference and bringing smiles to participants exemplifies the values that drive Tender Loving Care Disability Services.

As Michael says, “I’m so happy to make a difference here. [Seeing smiles on our participants’ faces] shows we’ve done our job, and we’re going to continue [doing] that job.”

TLC stands tall with Michael, spreading hope, joy, and unwavering support throughout the disability community. Together, we forge a path towards a brighter tomorrow, one step at a time.

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Tender Loving Care Disability Services is a registered NDIS provider that offers dedicated support to individuals with disabilities across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and other regions in Australia.

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