19 Apr 2024

Get to know the latest Allied Health member of TLC Disability Services, Allegra Goldman. As the Dietetics Clinical Services Manager, Allegra’s passion for embracing a holistic approach to health is evident in her work.

Early life and background

Growing up in an active family, Allegra’s journey in this field began at a young age. She was fortunate to enjoy a balanced diet and participate in sports like gymnastics, long-distance running, swimming, and tennis.

Since becoming a personal trainer in 2019, Allegra is continuously reminded of the diversified impact that weightlifting can have on one’s mental and physical well-being. An underlying love for food styling and photography sparked her interest in food science, leading her to the specialised area of nutrition and dietetics. Her degree gave her immense knowledge and practical experience to navigate this complex field.

Understanding firsthand how powerfully interconnected the body and mind are, Allegra is enthusiastic about helping others align their psychological and physical states.

Presently, Allegra is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) with extensive training in food and nutrition. She creates unique plans for her clients based on their behaviours and lifestyle commitments to ensure success. Working with other healthcare practitioners, she uses evidence-based therapy to assess an individual’s nutritional needs and address food and nutrition challenges.

Services offered

Allegra offers personalised nutrition education and counselling to individuals and groups. She develops dietary plans for managing various medical conditions and advises on portions, food preparation, and shopping.

Her services are accessible to individuals of all ages seeking guidance for general health, mental illness, women’s health concerns, nervous system concerns, sports performance, and chronic health conditions.

She offers funding options for her dietetic services, including Improved Daily Living, My Aged Care, Medicare, and more. She is available at Tender Loving Care’s office in Bankstown and external locations such as schools, workplaces, client homes, supported accommodation centres, and telehealth.

A mission and dedication to helping others

Allegra Goldman is on a mission to help others achieve optimal health through her expertise in food and nutrition. She is dedicated to providing personalised and evidence-based advice to help individuals and their loved ones show up to their daily lives as best as they can. Her passion, knowledge, and practical experience make Allegra a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being.

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