TLC can help support your search for accessible accommodation that will enhance your lifestyle. We understand the importance of the place where one lives- especially when you are living with a disability. Our support team can help you find the right accommodation and connect you with the community around you- whilst also staying in touch with your family and loved ones.

Our qualified team will support you to find a place that you can call home on your terms. A home needs to support both your wants and your needs. Whether it will be a group home, share house or apartment- TLC will be by your side as you search for the perfect place to live.

Our qualified team will support you to:
  • Be actively involved in the search for perfect living arrangements
  • Connect with your new surrounding community
  • Stay in touch with your family, friends and other important people in your life
  • Meet new friends
  • Live a healthy lifestyle
  • Develop skills you already have and skills you want to attain
  • Find activities that will enhance your lifestyle. For example: joining a gym, sports team, dance or music class.

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