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Person-centred Practices

Empowering people and organisations to create positive change.

Person-centred planning (PCP) is a set of approaches designed to assist an individual to plan their life and supports. It is most often used for life planning with people with learning and developmental disabilities, though recently it has been advocated as a method of planning personalised support with many other sections of society who find themselves disempowered by traditional methods of service delivery, including children, people with physical disabilities, people with mental health issues and older people.

Person-centred practices are used with people, teams and organisations. By working in this way, we can make sure that people are truly listened to and are kept at the heart of all decision-making; how a service is commissioned, provided and organised.

Person-centred practices are used in teams and organisations to ensure that we focus on what matters to the people we support and their families, and pay attention to how to support staff as well.